Best safety razor buy me once

Having a good razor is fundamental to avoid to damage the skins and to achieve a perfect result.

The manufacturer is a Japanese firm that makes razors since  1932. with a long tradition of excellent craftsmanship.

This safety razor is also called 'Seki Edge', this name comes from the city of Seki in central Japan famed for the manufacture of superior Samurai swords and knives where this razor is made. 

The three-piece design is finished in brushed, 316L “marine grade” or “surgical” grade stainless steel which gives it a wonderful modern look. Furthermore, it is much harder than the normal one and so much durable and very resistant to rust and other types of corrosion.

This razor is a very mild one. The distance between the blade and the closed comb makes allow to shave your beard with a sharper angle without getting cuts or razor burns and his particular design makes the transition from the chin to the neck very easy.

It forgives you for having an absent mind, guarantees you a close shave, in particular, if you have very irritable skin. 

This razor is a high precision engineered shaving machine, it is perfectly balanced for giving you a comfortable use.

If you like to wet shave this it may be an expensive piece but the quality is outstanding and it is a real buy me once purchase!