How to prepare your family for a Coronavirus Lockdown and keep your spirits high
Are you already living in lockdown or is something going to happen soon? Kids have been off school for several weeks, and your family is following government advice: staying at home and only venturing outside when necessary...

With the prospect of school and daycare closures, as well as workplaces shutting down or moving to remote working, many more families around the world face the prospect of staying at home for a long time.

Will you go crazy?

It's nothing to be worried about if you have the right plan!

What can families expect and how can they survive not only the virus, but each other?
As a parent trying to work from home, your ability to do so will rely on various factors from the age of your children and the layout of your home to the nature of your work.
For a busy parent used to work all day long, the shift has been hard. For me, sitting at home is driving me a little crazy too, I’m used to doing my job, going to the gym and meeting some friends.

Are you stuck at home? Worried how to keep a mental well-being for the whole family?
Here is one of my favorite quotes (from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban J.K. Rowling):*
"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."
Using your self-isolation time very wisely

Some tips to survive quarantine and improve your skills and the well-being of the whole family, husband included!

Build your routines. Maintaining a routine will be important but it need not be strict. “Routines are always helpful for people to see an endpoint,” as experts say. It's important both for hygiene purposes against the virus and for psychological survival.
Many people praised video games, with their addictive and time-killing properties, and board games that could be played with two people or with children. Cooking, gardening, and pets have also proved lifesavers—one suggestion was to start a garden of micro greens.

Here my plan:
"I wake in the morning at almost my usual time (just a bit later, to be honest), showers, gets dressed and put on my makeup then getting stuck into work for the morning."
and the schedule for whole family.

Build an exercise area at home Even in a tiny space you can create your perfect gym room; shift forward buying that DeskCycle you’ve been thinking of getting (Buy it on Amazon UK *). It's a good occasion to start to do exercise even if you didn't in the past.

A really, really, really long journey. Parents advised, in particular, clear a space for physical exercise and doing regular games—not just to alleviate boredom but to tire them out.
Major recommendation: find sunlight. If you can leave the building and play in a common space do it. If you can go to a park do it. If you can only sit on a balcony do that.

Experts also recommend “unusual lessons. Give your kids lessons in things you love but that aren’t school curriculum,” such as singing or cooking. Even if you’re not under quarantine, school closures are one of the most likely effects of the virus spreading.

With teenagers, expect the same issues as with adults but even more intense. “There’s a lot of temper tantrums, even from the 16-year-olds,” one weary parent said.
Improve your life online. If you don’t already, make sure you can bank, shop, work, and educate your kids online as much as possible.
Many countries have already switched to online classes. Arrange to see friends for online activities, whether games or just chatting. Be prepared, though—online services around the world have suffered severe overload as a result of user numbers exploding.

All the essentials. There might be a lack of other household necessities, especially things like toothpaste and shampoo.
Runs on goods in Hong Kong and Italy have also stripped shelves bare of toilet paper (in this case a portable bidet could be a smart idea, buy one on Amazon UK/Amazon USA *), where the supply chain is particularly vulnerable. If you have animals at home, pet food and fresh litter are essential.

Get ready for a lot of time with the kids. Use your quarantine time wisely to improve your skills and make your family happier. You’ve been at home for a long time, with only one of your household members allowed out every two days to make a trip to the supermarket through empty streets.

The number of infected people near you keeps going up. You miss the gym. You even miss the office.
It’s an experience that has already become drearily familiar to hundreds of millions of people around the world.
Don't be afraid if you have fun at home with your kids.
Does your family love to cook? You may fancy a family cooking competition, after watching cooking shows, perusing magazines, and thumbing through cookbooks, now it's your turn.
If your dinner table is humming with talk of ingredients and new recipes to try, you’re probably ready for a home competition. Why not take it up to the next level and have a family cook-off!
Or you can organize a family game night. Parents are always searching for ways to spend low-pressure, quality, fun time with our kids and family game night is the perfect answer. 
Movie lovers but cinema are shutting down? Have a fun family movie night at home. Make movie night the highlight of everyone's week with these top tips:
  • Make picking your movie more exciting
  • Theme it up
  • Make it a meal
  • Create the coolest snack bar
  • Add in some activities.
  • Keep everyone comfy.
Or you are a pop music fan, do not forget your passion but share it with your family and set up a family karaoke nights.They are a great way to gather the family in a night of wholesome, musical fun. 
You don't stop having fun when you get old, you get old when you stop having fun. 
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