10 steps to create your relaxing corner

Being honest, it’s a very scary and stressful time for a lot of people. It can become very difficult to find  positives when you are lonely. When I have a bad day I used to make a list of things that make me feel happy. Reading a good book cozy in my relaxing corner is one of them.

Sometimes I need a break just for myself, and during this lockdown as we share everything everytime it's not easy to find my own space. Often sharing spaces with my partner and my kids makes me feel a bit irritable, so I need a cosy nook more than ever only for me where I can tune back into myself and isolate from the quarantine routine.
Being together could feel a little like cabin fever, not just being in the space for so long but also interacting only with the people in your immediate family

In desperate need of an energy boost? I found these 10 tips that help you to get more energized. Let's build your space and say goodbye to exhaustion and recharge our batteries.

I hope that the following steps will help you to carve out your private place in your home.
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Add extra room for your objects

If the house allows it, provide a table to be placed in your relaxing corner or maybe a small shelf fixed on the wall will work as well. It will be a space where you can place a book, your knitting set or tools for your hobby or maybe just a glass of good wine. The table must be small and, if possible, with a fancy shape. I chose the Bedside Table Glass that I bought on Amazon (UK). Otherwise do you like DIY jobs or upcycling? Why you don’t give a new life to an old table and repaint it with the colours you like most or just redecorate it? Our relaxing corner must be a space where we can find contact with ourselves and go hunting for inspiration.

Add some lights

It is so important to use indirect lights that can be dimmed. A floor lamp, with a stronger light, can be useful when you need more intense lighting, for example for reading or sewing. If you are a creative person you could add a small lamp made by you and capable of projecting shadows and on the wall. For my cozy corner I chose Floor Light (LED Dimmable Tall Standing Modern Pole Light) bought on Amazon (UK /USA).
It will make your corner more personal and keeps you company when you relax in the silence of the evening.

Find a comfortable seat

Your relaxation corner must have a comfortable seat an armchair. If you have a reduced budget, choose fabric instead of leather, chose the colour you love the most and if you want something unique why don’t do some DIY upholstery works refurbishing an old armchair and giving space to your creativity. Do not forget to add a foot stand, it will be very useful to stretch your legs. Last but not least add all the cushions you like. Use neutral tones if you want to relax or bold and dynamic colours to add energy and creativity.

The importance of  emptiness

Rests are as important in music as well as the negative space in the interior decor. So remember to keep the “empty” space around and in between everything else. At the end of the day that it must be a corner where you can relax and regenerate yourself so don't fill it with too many objects. It is important to have a place, even a small one, where you can lie down or stretch without the risk of bumping into something.

Create your relaxing soundtrack 

Music makes the mood of each day different. Music plays a big part in our lives. Everyone has a special pieces of music, a song, or just a jingle that is part of their life. Find out How music can boost your mental wellbeing. Add a radio or wireless speaker and place them in an easy to reach position so you can reach the controls. Maybe a docking station for your IPod. A soundtrack will make your hobby or simply your moment of relaxation more pleasant. I always use my Anker SoundCore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker and I can bring it with me everywhere, I chose the black one but it's available in blue and red. I bought it on Amazon (black UK, red UK, blue UK , black USA, red USA, blue USA)

Use all the height

If you, like me, don’t live in a large house we have to takeour little space into account . Take advantage of the height and hang one or two shelves, they will create enough room to have what you are excited about at your fingertips, books, magazines, a jar with brushes or simply the photos you love the most. Try also to hang an inspirational quote on the wall.

Create a warm ambience with candles

The light of the living flame is ancestral and has guided human beings for ages. The link we have with fire and the elements of nature is combined with the darkness of the night. Try an essence burner with an intriguing perfume and place many candles in the shapes and colours you like the most. You will make your experience even more unique.

Don't forget to pamper yourself

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Leave a blanket close by, a warm embrace during your relaxation. Look for more natural materials such as wool and soft ones that will embrace and pamper you even more. Also look for the colours you like the most or the designs that relax you most. Personalize your corner as you like.

Add a rug

And you will recreate the relationship with the earth and with yourself. It doesn't matter how big it is, but choose a good soft and pleasant fabric to touch, maybe with long fibres so your feet can sink into it. Do not forget about the importance of colour and design, choose something that will give you energy and a good mood.

Add some plants

According to numerous studies, plants and flowers help to free us from stress: they are living things and their silent presence helps to immediately give a different atmosphere to the home. Choose a plant to take care of with little daily attention or a vase with fresh seasonal flowers that will add colour and scent. Do you have little space? Many jars with aromatic herbs or with succulent plants lined up on a shelf will recreate your relationship with nature.

*We are using affiliate marketing, you won't pay any additional pennies but we'll earn a small commission that will help us to sustain this website.