Why you cannot miss to buy this budget bluetooth speaker Anker Soundcore 2

As you know everything in life is better if you add the music. Whatever you are going to do from washing up, brush your teeth, sweat in the gym or have a nice dinner with your partner add your favourite music and you'll create a perfect soundtrack to turn into something special your moment.

I have already tell you in another post how music can boost your wellbeing  and the positive effects it can have on your mood, now I am digging how we can bring our favorite music with us.

This post is not and essay about the wireless speakers world or the multi room speaker system that allow you to create a wireless system to bring the music throughout your home.

It is just something that I founded on the internet for a reasonable price and that I think can help you to boost your mood with the music that you like the most and make it shareable with your loved ones both indoor and outdoor.

I am very excited to share that discovery with you because I think that at the moment when I am writing this post is a bang for the buck.

Do you want to know why and what it is?

Well, I was looking for a wireless speakers that won't break the bank and that I could easily pair with my mobile, tablet, computer. I was looking also something with a nice look not the grey or black box that seem a shoe polish box!

So I start to search on the Internet and I had been impressed since I found a lot of interesting and positive test reviews.

At that moment I thought that I really needed to find more about this little speaker. I thought at the beginning that it was another cheap bit but I was wrong. The brand is renowned for his battery pack and battery charger but with this little and nice device showed how in a budget price it is possible to have a nice device.

So what is a real bargain in the overcrawled world of the budget bluetooth speaker.

Are you curious? Well me too and for that reason I bought it from Amazon confident that if it had sound like my grandma's creepy radio, I could return it and have a full refund.

But honestly I love it! Do you want to know what it is? The SoundCore 2.

It is an Anker waterproof speaker, has a small package ( 6.5 x 2.1 x 1.77-inch) which makes it small enough to find room in my bag and on my desk and I can choose it also in Red or Blue in addition to the traditional Black. The Anker SoundCore 2 has a bar-shape and seems a pencil case and it is easy to transport and it’s light enough to not break my shoulder (just 410 grams) . I opted for the red one and so now I have a Bluetooth speaker with a range of 20 meters, a durable autonomy of 24 hours, a microphone for talking to Siri or the Google Assistant and a headset. 

It is curvy and covered with a smooth, but grippy rubber and is very nice to touch. I feel that is is also very sturdy. This skins helps the SoundCore 2 to be fully-waterproof with a rating of IPX5. I discovered that it means that can survive . It means that the SoundCore 2 will survive splashes, dust and snow so I can bring it in my shower room or in my bathroom and enjoy my favourite music without the fear to water damage it with moisture or a splash of water. 

When I need to take a call I Simply press and hold the play/pause button to activate your phone’s assistant. Calls came through loud and clear while using the SoundCore 2, with the other party reporting good voice quality but of course in a normal environment. The sound is good, what I miss is more presence in the bass zone but if I consider the small packaging and the life of the battery I am more than happy of the sound. I heard others wireless speakers with more basses but the price is more than double and they are bigger and heavier than the SoundCore 2.

So probably you are wondering if I am an happy owner of the SoundCore 2. Well I am absolutely happy!

It is tiny and delivers loud, well-balanced sound. It can survive splashes, dust and snow and can play music for a whopping 24 hours, you'll get great sound in a small medium room or in your garden unless it is in a noisy place.

For the price the SoundCore 2 is a bargain and you cannot ask for more. It doesn’t have all the features of the hi-end devices like Amazon Alexa embedded or multi room capabilities either fancy app to control it but if you don't ask for the impossible, it has a great sound and it’s also cheap so it is ideal for harsh environments where you wouldn’t mind it getting a little battered too.

So if you like to have a bargain bluetooth speaker you cannot miss to buy the SoundCore 2 choose the colour like the most:




You can also buy a nice case matching the colours

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