5 Mokas that a coffee lover cannot miss

Here at Italian Glamour, we are coffee enthusiasts. Of course, you may say, we are Italian and we love to brew coffee at home using a Moka Pot (or Stovetop Espresso) following the Italian way.

It is possible to find the Moka in 90% of all Italian homes (as well as in the Guinness Book of Records) and it has deeply changed the Italian coffee culture.

It might sound peculiar, but making the coffee using a Moka pot is linked to the social, technological and economic changes that Italian advanced during the 1930s.

It was invented by Alfonso Bialetti, who was said to be inspired by observing women doing laundry with a primitive washing machine.
It consisted of a bucket of soapy water that was brought to the boil over the fire. The water was pushed out of the tube and onto the dirty clothes.

Bialetti had the idea to use a similar technique for the coffee pot using the steam instead of the pressure and his design remains much the same to this day.
Since its first release in 1933, more than 300 million pots have been sold around the world and it remains a staple among coffee enthusiasts everywhere.
The simplicity of its design and ability to produce quality cups of coffee made it a hit in every Italian family.

A Moka was the synthesis of Caffeine and Aluminum two materials that carry a common symbolism linking them to the age of modernity like speed, mobility, strength, energy. All of these terms fitted both these materials and were symbols of the new lifestyle that modern man was seeking.

With the time the simple Moka pot developed by Bialetti has become a piece of design, copied and reinvented in different material and although the principle of its functioning is still the same, designers and brands reinvented his shape. They have created unique pieces to show off and use for making delicious coffees.

We know that the mom's busy life, especially in the morning, is split between balancing making breakfast and ushering children out the door so mom needs some caffeine fuel we love to call coffee.

Whether you are looking to buy one for yourself or to make a perfect gift for someone you love, we rounded up the best mom-approved design Moka coffee pots.

These coffee pots are ready to tackle Mom’s busy life and deliver a deliciously smooth cup of coffee that will shake your senses and will give you a strong push to carry on along your busy day.

These Moka pots are also a fantastic piece of design to show in your kitchen, perfect to create a coffee ritual ideal to start your day or to take a break during your busy to enjoy alone or with friends.
Everyone will be jealous of your Moka pots.

It is certainly no coincidence if at the London Museum of Science and at the MOMA in New York the Moka is among the objects considered symbols of the Made in Italy brand. It is a must have for anyone loves the design, a little piece of history to own.

Now pour the water, add the coffee powder, turn on the heat and enjoy the magic to brew coffee and drink it as if you were at the bar.

1# Bialetti Cafetière Moka Express 6tz, Aluminum, Silver

Here the original one in aluminium a traditional and evergreen design with the the famous 'little man with the moustache' logo.

2# Bialetti Cafetière Moka Express, Colours

If you are looking to add a splash of colour to your kitchen and start the day with some fun it is possible to have the little man with the moustache in some amazing punching colours.

Bialetti Moka express, red

Bialetti Moka express, black


3# Bialetti Moka Collection

Bialetti Alpina


Bialetti tricolours

4# Alessi Pulcina Espresso, aluminum 

The Alessi Pulcina Espresso coffee maker in cast aluminium with handle and knob in PA is an elegant stovetop moka for espresso that is suitable for induction cooking as well. It comes with a filter for american coffee. A great piece of design by Michele de Lucchi.
Add style and structure to your kitchen with this Alessi Moka pot. The designer  David Chipperfield reinterpreted a timeless icon. With eleven-sided innovative shape, a flat lid that allow to place a cup on top to absorb the warmth and aroma and a lid lever that allows to open the lid with one hand.
The unique design makes this Moka familiar, simple and popular, It comes with a 1930s art style gift box, so it could be a thoughtful gift for a coffee lover.

My Secret to brew the coffee with the Moka