How to brew coffee with the Moka - the Italian way

Here at Italian Glamour we still prefer to make our coffee with a Moka that it is still be the most common way to brew coffee at home. A research made by Nomisma (2018) says that 53% of Italians prefer to use ground coffee and the stovetop.

Even if the Moka is losing some ground, this cult object invented by Bialetti in 1933 continues to be the first choice for many people, for that daily ritual repeated morning after morning and at the end of family lunches. Is it a style choice? Not only.

At this point, let’s find out the secrets about how to make the perfect coffee using the Moka.

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  • First of all, fill the base with warm (or room temperature) water, up to the level of the vent valve. If possible, it is better to use softer water with a low lime-scale content.
  • Insert the filter.
  • Fill the filter with coffee, without pressing down the powder.
  • Screw together the two parts of the mocha tightly.
  • Put the mocha on the gas on a low heat and remove it once the coffee has come up, to avoid burning it and ruining the coffee maker.
  • Stir the coffee with a spoon before pouring it into the cups.
And now show up our expertise with our friend.

How can you recognize an excellent quality coffee made with a Moka?

First of all, its pleasing aroma literally has to fill the room. Secondly, the coffee must not be too watery and last but not least it should have a light froth with different colors depending from the types of coffee used.

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